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  • Department: Institute of zoology and developmental biology
  • Address: 443 Tianyan Building
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Since 2014   Lecturer

Academic Appointments

2003-2013,Biological studies at Lanzhou University

Administrative Appointments
Honors & Awards

First prize of “Hsiang-Tung Chang Postgraduate Neuroscience Research Award”


Functions of M1 and M2 microglia after ischemic stroke. 2017-2019. National Natural Science Foundation of China.



Li, T, Zhang, S.* (2016) Microgliosis in the Injured Brain: Infiltrating Cells and Reactive Microglia Both Play a Role. Neuroscientist Apr;22(2):165-70.

Chun-Lin Sun, Qing Liao, Ting Li, Jun Li, et al. (2015) Rational design of small indolic squaraine dyes with large two-photon absorption cross section. Chemical Science 6(1):761-769.

Li, T., Pang, S., Yu, Y., Wu, X., Guo, J. & Zhang, S.* (2013) Proliferation of parenchymal microglia is the main source of microgliosis after ischaemic stroke. Brain 136:3578-88.

Lu, B., Li, T., Zhao, H., Li, X., Gao, C., Zhang, S. & Xie, E. (2012) Graphene-based composite materials beneficial to wound healing. Nanoscale 4:2978-82.


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