Integrated management of coupled human and natural system (CHANS)

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Prof.Youcai Xiong


This course belongs to the interdisciplinary courses in humanities, resources and environment and ecological disciplines, etc. It is mainly basic on the disciplines theory and case study analysis for related professional graduate. The syllabus is based on the following topics::

Ecology and social ecology (4 hours)

Integrated management of coupled human and natural system (CHANS) (2 hours)

Urban ecology and environmental crisis management (2 hours)

Urban ecology and resources: urban environmental crisis management (2 hours)

Rural social-ecology system (6 hours)

The social ecology and environmental psychology (including art and religion) (2 hours)

Advancing ecological economics – theory and practice (4 hours)

Ecology, conservation, and public policy (including government decision making and game ecology) (6)

Social ecology perspective (8 hours)


Berkes F, Folke C, Colding J. Linking social and ecological systems: management practices and social mechanisms for building resilience [M]. Cambridge University


1. Kurzweg, Diana, 2010, Ecological and Social Limits for Rural[M], VDM Verlag

2. Garmestani, Ahjond S., and Craig R. Allen, eds. Social-ecological resilience and law [M]. Columbia University Press, 2014.

3. Living Planet Report 2014: species and spaces, people and places [M]. World Wide Fund for Nature, 2014.

4. Edenhofer, Ottmar, ed. Mitigation of climate change. Cambridge University Press, 2014.

5. Vaccaro I. Social and Ecological History of the Pyrenees: State, market, and landscape [M]. Left Coast Press, 2010. 

ASSIGNMENT: Extracurricular reading and supplementary reading, write small paper.

EXAM: The "classroom participation + small paper" model was used to assessment the understanding of the teaching contents of students.

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  5. Integrated management of coupled human and natural system (CHANS)