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Academic Appointments
Honors & Awards

1. Chao XJ*, Yao DZ, Chen CX, Zhang CF. (2022) An efficient human serum albumin-assisted fluorescence approach for hemin detection. Environmental Technology & Innovation, 29, 102969.

2. Chao XJ*, Yao DZ, Qi YM, Cong Y, Huang DJ. (2021) A fluorescent sensor recognized by the FA1 site for highly sensitive detection of HSA. Analytica Chimica Acta,1188,339201.

3. Chao XJ*, Qi YM, Zhang YM*. (2021) Highly Photostable Fluorescent Tracker with pH-Insensitivity for Long-Term Imaging of Lysosomal Dynamics in Live Cells. ACS Sensors,6,3,786-796. (Inside Cover)

4. Chao XJ*, Hu Y, Liu RJ, Huang DJ, Zhang YM*. (2021) Near-infrared ratiometric fluorescence imaging of lysosomal polarity in live cells and in vivo. Sensors and Actuators: B. Chemical,345, 13039.

5. Chao XJ, Tang M, Huang R, Huang C-H,Shao J, Yan ZY and Zhu BZ*. (2019) Targeted live-cell nuclear delivery of the DNA ‘light-switching’ Ru(II) complex via ion-pairing with chlorophenolate counter-anions: the critical role of binding stability and lipophilicity of the ion-pairing complexes. Nucleic Acids Research, 47,20,10520-10528.

6. Chao XJ#, Pan ZY#, Sun LL, Tang M, Wang KN, Mao Z -W*. (2019) A pH-insensitive near-infrared fluorescent tracker for wash-free lysosome-specific imaging with long time under physiological and pathological processes. Sensors and actuators B-Chemical,285,156-163.

7. Chao XJ#, Wang KN#, Sun LL, Cao Q, Ke ZF, Cao DX, Mao Z -W*. (2018) Cationic organochalcogen with monomer/excimer emission for dual-color live cell imaging and cell damage diagnosis. ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces,10, 13264-13273.

8. Wang KN#, Chao XJ#, Liu B, Zhou DJ, He L, Zheng XH, Cao Q, Tan CP, Zhang C, Mao Z -W*.(2018) Red fluorescent probes for real-time imaging of the cell cycle by dynamic monitoring of the nucleolus and chromosome. Chemical Communication,54,2635-2638.

9. Zhu BZ*Chao XJ, Huang C-H and Li Y. (2016) Delivering the cell-impermeable DNA ‘Light-switching’ Ru(II) complexes into the nucleus of living cells via ion-pairing. Chemical Science, 7, 4016-4023. (导师一作)

10. Wang KN#, Liu LY#, Qi GB, Chao XJ, Ma W, Yu ZQ*, Pan QL, Mao Z -W*, Liu B*, (2021) Light-driven cascade mitochondria-to-nucleus photosensitization in cancer cell ablation. Advanced Science, 8, 2004379.

11.Sheng ZG, Shen C, Fan RM, Chao XJ, Liu YX, Zhu BZ. (2019) The Critical Role of X Chromosome-Linked Inhibitor of Apoptosis (XIAP) in Differential Synergism Induced by Pentachlorophenol and Copper-1,10-Phenanthroline Complex in Normal and Cancer Liver Cells.Toxicol Sci.168, 339.

12.Yongmei Qi, Lin Ma, Sajid Naeem, Xueyan GuXijuan Chao, Cong Yuan, Dejun Huang*. Pb induced mitochondrial fission of fibroblast cells via ATM activation. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2021, 416: 126177.

13. Huang R, Tang M, Huang CH, Chao XJ, Yan ZY, Shao J,Zhu BZ. (2019) What are the major physicochemical factors in determining the preferential nuclear uptake of the DNA "Light-Switching" Ru(II)-polypyridyl complex in live cells via ion-pairing with chlorophenolate counter-Anions? J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 10, 4123-4128.

14. Zhu BZ*, Chao XJ. (2016) Redirecting Ru(II)-complex into live-cell nucleus for enantioselective DNA-imaging and photosensitizing via simple Yin-Yang ion-pairing. Free Radical Biology and Medicine,100, S33-S34. (摘要论文)

15. Wang KN, Sun PZ, Chao XJ, Cao DX*, Mao Z -W*, Zhiqiang Liu*. (2018) A coumarin Schiff's base two-photon fluorescent probe for hypochlorite in living cells and zebrafish. RSC advances,8, 6904-6909.

16. Sheng ZG, Shen C, Fan RM, Chao XJ, Liu YX, Zhu BZ*. (2018) The Critical Role of X Chromosome-linked Inhibitor of Apoptosis (XIAP) in Differential Synergism Induced by Pentachlorophenol and Copper-1,10-phenanthroline Complex in Normal and Cancer Liver Cells. Toxicol. Sci.,0, 1-10.

17. Sheng ZG, Li Y, Fan RM, Chao XJ, Zhu BZ*. (2013) Lethal synergism between organic and inorganic wood preservatives via formation of an unusual lipophilic ternary complex. Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol.,266, 335-344.

18. Sheng ZG, Tang Y, Liu YX, Yuan Y, Zhao BQ, Chao XJ, Zhu BZ*. (2012) Low concentrations of bisphenol A suppress thyroid hormone receptor transcription through a nongenomic mechanism. Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol.,259, 133-142.

19. 朱本占*,肖璇,巢细娟,唐苗,黄蓉, 邵杰。(2018) DNA分子“光开关”含钌多吡啶络合物细胞摄取、胞内分布及毒性机理研究。Progress in Chemistry,30, 1975-1991.

20. 专利:朱本占,巢细娟,一种促进Ru(II)金属络合物细胞核摄取的方法。 专利号:201510531733.2

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