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2018.7-Present      Young Researcher, School of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University, China

2016.8-Present      Postdoctoral researcher, School of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University, China

Academic Appointments
Honors & Awards

1.   China Postdoctoral Science Foundation2018T111116,  2019.1.1-2020.12.31, PI

2.   National Natural Science Foundation of China317002452018.1.1-2020.12.31, PI

3.   China Postdoctoral Science Foundation2016M602889, 2017.1.1-2018.12.31, PI

4.   Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, lzujbky-2017-it01, 2017.1.1-2018.12.31, PI

5.   Open Funds from Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Cell Activities and Stress Adaptations,  2017.1.1-2017.12.31, PI

6.   Scholarship Award for Excellent Doctoral Student, Ministry of Education, China, 2011.11.1-2012.10.31, PI

7.   National Natural Science Foundation of China, 317201039022018.1.1-2021.12.31

8.   National Natural Science Foundation of China314703802015.1.1-2018.12.31

9.   National Natural Science Foundation of China913173112014.1.1-2015.12.31

10. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 911170082012.1.1-2013.12.31

11.  Gansu Provincial Science & Technology Department, China, 17ZD2NA015-06, 2017.1.1-2019.12.31

12.  Gansu Provincial Science & Technology Department, China, 17ZD2NA016-5, 2017.8.1-2020.7.31


# First author; * Corresponding author

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