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Honors & Awards
1.Wu H. J., Liu X. H.,  Chen K., Luo X. J., Zhang T., Wang X. Y.,  Disintegration of microsporocytes in a male sterile mutant of Brassica napus L is possibly associated with the endoplasmic reticulum dependent autophagic programmed cell death. Euphytica (accepted), 2009 (SCI).

2.Zhang H. L., Xue S. H., Pu F., Tiwari R. K., Wang X.Y.,  Establishment of Hairy Root Lines and Analysis of Gentiopicroside in the Medicinal Plant Gentiana macrophylla. Russ J Plant Physiol   (accepted) 2009, (SCI).

3.Xue S. H., Wu Z. H., Zhang H. L., Wang X. Y.,  Cold storage and cryopreservation of hairy root cultures of medicinal plant Eruca sativa Mill., Astragalus membranaceus and Gentiana macrophylla Pall.  Plant Cell Tiss Organ Cult,92: 251–260,2008. (SCI).

4.Luo X. J., Liu X. H., Wang C.Y., Wang X.Y., Formation of membrane-bound inclusions and their associations with cytoplasmic channels in early prophase male meiocytes of Althaea rosea (L.) Cavan. Cell Biology International,32:374-383, 2008 (SCI) .

5.Wang C.Y., Li X., Wang X.Y., Intercellular association between plastids and cytoplasmic channel in microsporocytes of lily, tobacco and onion. International Journal of Cell Biology, 30:406-411,2006 (SCI) . 

6.Wang X.Y.,Wang C.Y, Ollson O., Cloning and molecular characterisation of a gene encoding cytochrome P450 C-23 steroid hydroxylase (CYP90) from aspen. Acta Genetica Sinica,32:384-392. 2005 (SCI) .

7.Zhao D. L., Wang X.Y., Plant regeneration via organogenesis from advebtious bud explants of a medicinal plant species Polygonatum crytonema. In Vitro Cell Development Biol.-Plant, 39: 24-27, 2003 (SCI).

8.Zhao D. L., Wang X.Y. In vitro micropropagation of medicinal plant Sophora flavesscens,. Biologia Plantarun, 47: 117-120, 2003 (SCI) .

9.Zhang T., Wang X.Y.,  Induction of somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from cotyledon and hypocotyls explants of Eruca sativa Mill., In Vitro Cell Development Biol.-Plant, 41:655-657, 2005  (SCI).

10.Hu X., Wang C.Y., Wang X.Y., Ectopic expression of pttkn1 gene induces alteration in morphology of leaves and flowers in Petunia hydrida. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology, 47:745-756, 2005 (SCI) .
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