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  • Department: Institute of Cell Biology, School of Life Sciences
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2014/05-Present: Associate Professor, School of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University

2010/01-2014/04: Lectorate , School of Life Sciences, Lanzhou University

2007/07-2010/01:Post-doctor, University of Vermont.

Academic Appointments
Honors & Awards

1.Changjun Mu, Shijia Zhang, Guanzhong Yu, Ni Chen, Xiaofeng Li, Heng Liu. Overexpression of Small Heat Shock Protein LimHSP16.45 in Arabidopsis Enhances Tolerance to Abiotic Stresses. PLoS ONE. 2013, 8(12): e82264.

2. Changjun Mu, Shaobo Wang, Jiajia Pan, Shijia Zhang, Guanzhong Yu, Ni Chen, Zhaoyan Wang, and Heng Liu. Analysis of Highly Expressed Genes in the Late Zygotene to Pachytene Stages of Meiotic Prophase I in David Lily. Russian Journal of Plant Physiology.2012, 59(3): 389–397.

3. Changjun Mu, Shaobo Wang, Shijia Zhang, Jiajia Pan, Ni Chen, Xiaofeng Li, Zhaoyan Wang, Heng Liu. Small heat shock protein LimHSP16.45 protects pollen mother cells and tapetal cells against extreme temperatures during late zygotene to pachytene stages of meiotic prophase I in David Lily. Plant Cell Reports. 2011, 30:1981-1989.

4. Changjun Mu, Ni Chen, Xiaofeng Li, Pengfei Jia, Zhaoyan Wang, Heng Liu. F-box Protein Arabidillo-1 Promotes Lateral Root Development by Depressing the Functioning of GA3 in Arabidopsis. J. Plant Biol. 2010, 53:374–380.

5. Changjun Mu, Pengfei Jia, Zhiqiang Yan, Xin Liu, Xiaofeng Li, Heng Liu. Quercetin induces cell-cycle G1 arrest through elevating Cdk inhibitors p21 and p27 in human hepatoma cell line (HepG2). Methods Find Exp Clin Pharmacol. 2007, 29(3): 179-183.

6. Changjun Mu, Heng Liu, Guo-Chang Zheng. The Modification and Variants of Histone. Molecular Biology of Russia. 2007, 41:349–360.

7.Zhaoyan Wang, Changjun Mu, Jingwu Kang, Zhide Hu. Separation and Determination of Stereoisomeric Impurity of Folinic Acid Diastereomers by CE with Vancomycin as a Selector. Chromatographia. 2012, 75(19): 1211-1215.

8. Zhaoyan Wang, Yanning Qu, Xiaotong Gao, Changjun Mu, Jiangping Bai , Qiaosheng Pu. Facile preparation of oligo(ethyleneglycol)-capped fluorescent carbon dots from glutamic acid for plant cell imaging. Materials Letters.2014, 129:122–125.

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